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How To Get In Front Of More Agents In Three Months Than Most LO’s Get In Front Of In Three Years

By AA Concierge | February 17, 2020

Getting face to face appointments with possible referral partners is the hallmark of this course. And it all starts with a great script. Lots of thought went into the formation of this script, and the results are outstanding! Michael and Jason go through it step by step…how you can get in front of more Realtors in 3 months than most LO’s do in 3 years!


The Perfect Face to Face Realtor Meeting: Part IV – FT/FU

By AA Concierge | August 29, 2018

The system that we’ve developed is the proven technique that will build instant rapport. Then, we get to the heart of your agent’s biggest current challenge and position you to be the solution to that challenge, offering massive value so your are seen as a business partner, not a commodity. So hey if this is something you think would be helpful in your business and you want to convert more of your meetings into actual partnerships, then fill out the contact form to get the entire presentation. You can have our entire 4 Step Realtor Meeting Process absolutely free. Just go ahead and check it out. Hey and thanks for your interest. Also click the link below to join the tribe. We’d love to see you on the inside.