How John Smith DOUBLED his business…TWICE

How John Smith DOUBLED his business…TWICE

By michael | February 17, 2021

John Smith has doubled his business and doubled his time off NOT ONCE BUT TWICE in the last 3 years.

Listen in as he shares his journey and the HOW...... he shares some amazing stories about his journey along the way. This guy is one of the coolest dudes in the mortgage business today.......

The big take away for me IS NOT that he went from closing 4 to 5 loans a months (about 1 million a month) in volume to 5.4 million in February 2021......
THE BIG TAKEAWAY IS .............. His relationship with his wife has never been better. Relationship with his kids has never been better.
John says he is a better husband a better father and a better leader today than he was 3 years ago struggling to close 12 million a year.
Listen in as John shares his story with us.

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