Part IV: The New Right Now Scripting– After COVID, Now What

Part IV: The New Right Now Scripting– After COVID, Now What

By michael | March 17, 2021

Hey gang, Michael Mann here and we want to share with you a portion of our Free webinar on "How to Get More Realtors NOW - COVID Edition".  This module contains Many parts and we could (and will in our members area) spend a lot of time on each.

This week, Part IV is the most powerful piece of information we've ever given away.  It's the exact script we used to break into a brand new market a year ago resulting in $30 million in production.  It's the same exact script we're using now to break into ANOTHER brand new market and in just two weeks are already getting real referrals.

Do you want to fill your calendar with Realtor appointments?  And, do you want real referrals from those new relationships?  Start here!

Get the whole presentation below:


What if you could get more new referring relationships resulting in millions of dollars in production...and, what if you could do all of that and only invest 16 hours per month?

This is the exact strategy we used to break into a brand new market in 2019, which, resulted in an extra $30 million dollars of production in 2020. And we invested 16 hours per month to get there. It all starts with pre-planning your calendar.

If you like this video and want to see the whole presentation, just visit our page HERE and enter your details...we will give you the entire presentation for FREE.

This is Michael Mann providing massive value and maximum impact for the Million Dollar Loan Officer.

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